Word from the President

Allow me to personally welcome you to our medical clinic, Espace Santé!

Born in April 2011 out of a lengthy reflection on the evolution of health care, the Espace Santé medical clinic is meant to be a first draft of the future health care of tomorrow.
We wanted to create a serene health space where each individual, patient, physician or collaborator feels good and is in harmony with their environment.

Our vision of Health goes beyond the absence of disease and is defined by a state of physical, psychological, social and spiritual well-being.
It is with care that the Espace Santé logo was selected, represented by a blue lotus flower, which symbolizes the fulfillment of the Being’s potential.

Espace Santé is a unique medical clinic that puts the patient at the heart of its practice by combining conventional treatments with alternative methods. It draws its strength from its multidisciplinarity to optimize patients’ health capital and thus improve their quality of life.
Our team’s interprofessional collaboration enables us to offer quality care and accessibility that meets our patients’ demands.

Physicians, specialists, nurses, paramedics and secretaries all work together to bring out the best in each and every one of you.

Welcome to the Espace Santé Medical Clinic

Our priority is your Well-Being
Your Health is Our project, Our expertise

Nicole Chamard

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