Healthy Living

“Healthy” for most people means balance or proper functioning of health
Physical and mental in a person. In many cases, physical and mental health
Are closely linked, so that a change (good or bad) in one affects
Directly the other.

A balanced lifestyle helps you reduce your risk of many diseases, better
Manage stress and have more energy to enjoy life.

This text is designed to promote a healthy lifestyle; It is not intended to be exhaustive, but
The most important elements are there.

Take measures every day to live a safe and healthy life.

Having a healthy life means making positive choices that improve your physical health,
Mental, spiritual and personal, according to Health Canada. For example:

Healthy eating, choosing a variety of foods from all food groups
As suggested by the Canadian Food Guide;
Building a circle of social contacts to create a supportive environment with
People who take care of you and respect you;
Stay physically active to keep your body strong, reduce stress and improve your
Choose not to smoke; And put an end to other bad habits.
Your lifestyle is affected by where you live, work, learn and play. Hold on
Informed about the availability of care within your environment.

Today, the Internet is a source of information that is easily accessible and filled with information
Consumer health, enabling you to be better informed about your
Health care. However, always confirm this information with your doctor
Or other health professionals.

To be an informed consumer, ask yourself questions and take charge of your health.
Fortunately, more and more tools are available to help you make choices
Sound. Find out and take advantage of these resources.

Farin Rokni M.D., CCFP

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