Family Medicine – Groupe de médecine familiale Espace santé IDS

  • Care
  • Regular medical examinations
  • Risk factor screening
  • Chronic illness monitoring
  • Healthy lifestyle habit promotion

We no longer have a waiting list for registration with a family doctor. You must now register on Québec Family Doctor Finder who will assign you a doctor according to your postal code.

Health Care Professionals

Dr Richard Aubin

Dre Annie Beaudoin, doctor co-responsible for the GMF

Dre Catherine Bérubé, doctor co-responsible for the GMF

Dre Marie Caudrelier

Dre Catherine Charpentier-Côté

Dre Julie Désalliers

Dre Sylvie Dufresne

Dre Léonor Gagnon-Guimond

Dr Bahareh Ghaderi

Dr Farin Rokni

Dr Yi Shen, Medical director

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