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Physiotherapy acts to prevent and promote health in order to help patients maximize the recovery of their physical abilities. Physiotherapy treats functional limitations resulting from:

  • Musculoskeletal injuries
  • Sports injuries
  • Neuralgia
  • Perineal reeducation 
  • And more…

Health Care Professional

Chantal Couture, Physiotherapist

Karima Boumeftah, Physiotherapist -Zootherapist
Orthopedics and musculoskeletal issues
Perineal Rehabilitation

Graduated in 2006 from McGill University, Karima has expertise in musculoskeletal and orthopedic issues such as sprains, back pain, post-surgery etc. She is also authorized to intervene in perineal reeducation for  urinary incontinence, anorectal problems, post prostatectomy, pregnancy and postpartum etc.

She has a diversified professional career and has a very rich  variety of work environments she has practiced as well as the diversity of the clientele she has handled.

As a result, she was involved in the field with American football teams and a motor racing team.

She has also worked in various hospital settings with clients with cardiovascular conditions, neurological conditions and orthopedic issues.

She also intervened with children with motor and / or neurological development disorders in a specialized school environment.

She has of course worked in a private clinic, which she chose for her practice for a few years now. A private practice to which she added the possibility of home visits and to which she has recently integrated zootherapy. Her practice remains diversified from the point of view of customers and cases to be treated.

Because of her experience, Karima is versatile and adapts very well to the specific needs of each patient. She is dynamic and promotes the autonomy of her patients and the improvement of their quality of life. To do this, she enjoys working in a multidisciplinary team that surrounds the patient and meets each of his needs.

Work experience in different settings:

  • On the field with a Midget AAA American football team and a Porsche car racing team;
  • In a hospital setting: cardiorespiratory, neurological and orthopedic problems;
  • In a special education setting: children with motor development issues and neurological disorders.

Honourable mentions

  • Canadian Interuniversity Sport Academic All-Canadian
  • Lieutenant Governor’s Medal for excellence in management and coalition of social commitment and academic performance
  • Quebec Breakfast Club: organization and coordination between student body and club members
  • Volunteer at UNICEF Montérégie


This recognized health-field profession focuses on the assessment, restoration and maintenance of physical functions. It aims to evaluate, treat and prevent physical and functional deficiencies/disabilities as well as to promote a healthy lifestyle at the musculoskeletal, neurological and cardiorespiratory levels.

All generations can benefit from it: pediatrics, adults and seniors. Physiotherapists have university medical training and are overseen by the Ordre professionnel de la physiothérapie du Québec (OPPQ). They have a detailed understanding of the functioning of the body and, based on their specialties, can help you with different issues such as posture; back, neck and head aches; tendinitis, bursitis, capsulitis and calcification; rehabilitation after a surgery, a work or road accident, a sprain-strain or a fracture, an amputation, or a burn; sports injuries; arthritis issues; pre- and post-childbirth care; respiratory problems; urinary problems; constipation and genital or rectal pain; child motor development delay; neurological disorders such as a cerebrovascular accident (CVA); fibromyalgia, etc.

Contrary to the general image one might have, physiotherapy touches several aspects of the functioning of the human body with the aim of relieving its aches and improving its functioning and autonomy. To do so, physiotherapists are very hands-on and their treatment goes beyond the tools at their disposal such as ice/heat, current, ultrasound and exercises, etc. They must use their palpatory skills and manual techniques in order to help balance the structures involved and other tools to help reach, maintain or improve such balance.

We can help you regain a better quality of life. Consult our physiotherapists today; no medical referral necessary. Physiotherapy services are generally reimbursed by insurance.

Karima Boumeftah, Physiotherapist

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